4 Ways BizCBR Networking is Different to the Rest!

Bec McFarland // June 25 // 0 Comments

Get different. It’s actually the name of Mike Michalowicz’s new book and if you know me, I’m a bit of a Mike fan. But unlike his most famous book, Profit First, Get Different isn’t about finance. It’s about the way you can excel in business by marching to the beat of your own drum. 

Without bragging, that’s something I’m proud of at BizCBR. Although we’re only just getting started, we’re paving the way in something new - we want to do things differently. Which is why our networking events are nothing like any networking event you’ve been to before. 

Let me share why. 

1. We don’t have a speaker. 

We love attending networking events and listening to speakers. It’s such a great way to learn something new and be inspired to charge towards your next steps. But there are two down-sides that we’ve noticed: 

  • You don’t get as much time to network and chat with other attendees
  • You don’t have quite enough time to go deep into what the speaker really has to share

So, we’re saving our speakers for workshops and we’re making our networking events about just that. Networking!

2. It’s not a format you’re used to. 

So aside from ensuring that we maximise our networking time, we’re also introducing some cool new activities that will support you in conjuring up delicious conversation and getting right into the good stuff. You see, we’re a team full of introverts and we HATE small talk. 

I don’t really care about the weather, I don’t follow sports, I don’t watch reality television and to be honest, I’m not even that up to date on current affairs. So small talk for me can be a little painful (and shallow!). That’s why at BizCBR we are all about facilitating the JUICIEST conversations and nurturing deep connections. We’d love to tell you more about it, but it’s a surprise! Come along to one of our events to see what it’s all about!

3. We’re getting in and out. 

We know you’re busy. We have a million things in our ClickUp to-do list too. And we just don’t have many hours in the middle of the day to spare. 

BizCBR networking events run for strictly 90 minutes. If you want to continue your connection you are welcome to, but the event will officially close after an hour and a half. We’re also holding our events at 9:30am (just after school drop off) and at 5:30pm (after work finishes) so that we are limiting the interruption to your work day. We’ll alternate times from month to month - and if you’re keen for a Saturday networking opportunity because you have commitments through the week, let us know and we’d love to make it happen!

4. We might push you outside your comfort zone. 

But that’s what you really need, isn’t it? With experienced coaches and facilitators on the BizCBR team, we are here to support you to thrive. We know you may not love networking, but we will happily give you the nudge you need to meet new people, build new relationships and SELL yourself and your business in a new arena. 

We can’t promise that every networking event will be cushy and cosy and that you’ll always know what is happening next. But we can promise that we will do EVERYTHING we can to ensure you have a great time and get connected within our community! 

Will we see you at an event? 

What do you think? We would absolutely love to have you join us. Head to our Events page to find out more about when our next networking event is on and come along to check us out. Don’t forget to use your discount code if you’re a BizCBR member to get 10% off your ticket price! 


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Bec McFarland is a career and business coach and the founder of Pop Your Career, Pop Your Business and BizCBR. She is a self-confessed nerd, hardcore introvert and lover of Mexican food - sans gluten and dairy.

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