Hey there! I'm Bec McFarland and I'm the founder of BizCBR.

It's so great to meet you. Welcome to the BizCBR Canberra Business Network. 

I started my first business, Pop Your Career, in May of 2015 and since then I've been an avid networker. I'm incredibly introverted - don't let the pink hair and the bright clothes fool you. I'm also rather shy. But I've found that networking has had such a huge impact on my business, both from a growth perspective and in terms of my own fulfilment. 

Running a business can be so heckin' lonely...

But through networking, I've developed the most wonderful, enriching relationships and have learned so much about being in business. And about myself. 

In 2020, right before the global "panini", I launched my second business, a business coaching practice called Pop Your Business. The networks I'd built over the past 5 years meant that Pop Your Business launched with a real buzz! And in fact, it changed the trajectory of my work forever. I am so grateful for this, as I love what I do and I wake up most days excited to do my work in the world.

So, why BizCBR?

I mean, I've already got two businesses that are humming along nicely and I don't NEED more work to do, right? Well, Canberra is my home. And I'm ridiculously passionate about business (read: I'm a mega-business-nerd). But what I see is loads of missed opportunities. A quick search on social media left me realising that there are SO MANY incredible businesses here in Canberra that I don't even know about! And I bet you don't either.

But also, there's a lot of segregation that naturally happens in business networks and communities, because we've all been taught to get really clear about our "ideal clients" and niche our businesses within an inch of themselves.

I'm not proud to say it, but I know barely any business MEN!

Most of the networking groups I've attended over the years are for women, or more specifically Mums. (I don't have human children myself, but I sneak in on the basis that I have one doggo and two bearded dragons who call me Mama). And the networking that does include men is WAY too early in the morning for me - anyone else NOT a morning person?

This got me thinking. How many business owners are there out there that I could be connecting with, but we're passing each other like ships in the night? And I know I'm not the only person wondering this.

But not everything revolves around networking.

So, here's the thing. BizCBR is a Canberra Business Network. But it isn't what I'd call a "networking group". Instead, we're a community of people who will get to know each other - perhaps online, perhaps in person... maybe just through a few traded double taps on the gram.

Instead of a "networking group" I'd like to think of BizCBR as a "big ol' bag of opportunity". 

Share your business in our directory. Join our Facebook community. Write for our blog and boost your profile (and SEO!). Attend our networking events. Come along to our workshops. Enjoy some co-working. Break off into smaller accountability groups and mingle. The most important thing is that you can be involved as little or as much as you want. I didn't say a "big ol' bag of obligation", now, did I?

Nah-uh. BizCBR is your business buffet.

Take what you want and leave the rest. And if you choose to fill up on bread before you hit the main course, then nobody here will judge you. 

Come say hello on socials, fill in a contact form here, or send me an email at hello@bizcbr.com if you'd like to chat. I'd love to hear from you.

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