Get different. It’s actually the name of Mike Michalowicz’s new book and if you know me, I’m a bit of a Mike fan. But unlike his most famous book, Profit First, Get Different isn’t about finance. It’s about the way you can excel in business by marching to the beat of your own drum.  Without bragging,

If you’ve been feeling like there’s more to life but you’re not quite sure what it is then I have good news!  There are some quick and easy things you can do right now to finding out what that ‘something’ is and start on your path to happiness.  You can discover the missing pieces and start

As a business owner, you love getting referrals, right? Anything that helps your business grow is a great idea. Well, maybe. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but not all business referrals are good referrals… Let me explain why. We all know that one way to get referrals is to give referrals.  It’s kinda like a

Networking events can such be a great way to develop contacts and strong working relationships with people in your industry and in the local business community.Perhaps you think networking events just aren’t your thing (hello fellow introverts!). Or maybe you aren’t sure how to get started. It can be pretty strange if you are entering

You’ve heard about SEO. But what the heck is it, and why do we care about it here at BizCBR? You might be thinking this sounds like an awfully dry topic, but I promise you, if you hear me out, it’ll be worth it.